Whats the secret

Do you know what the biggest issue is for most newbie internet marketers (no matter what market they are in)??

Still dont know??

Well, I am going to tell you..



Thats it, thats the big secret… do you know how I know this???

Well, I had been playing with internet marketing for a while and like many people I had been stumbling along and not really doing anything… But then that all changed when I set up a new blog to promote a product and totally by accident i made $6000 when the product launched…

Lets be honest here, I didnt do much work, I didnt write and articles to submit to ezine or anything, I didnt do any social bookmarking or any of the little tricks that you think you need to do….. It was only after the event that I looked at my logs and saw how I had done so well…. People were searching for a phrase and I had a blog with that phrase in my domain name and all over my blog… Not many people had this phrase at all… All the other people were targeting the name of the product (and I didnt) and so I earnt $6000 in 10 days but in total I put in 2 or 3 hrs of work…

And all because I picked keywords that peolp were searching for and I didnt have much competiton…

So the lesson here is that no matter how good your website, if you are basing it on something so generic like Golf or dog training then you have no chance… take your time.. think outside the box, use the google keyword tool (google it if you dont know it) and you will at least stand a chance… just try to think a bit differently, dont pick the 1st obvious keyword you find as you can guarantee everyone else in your niche will be doing exactly the same thing….

Who knows, if you keep reading this blog I may one night soon decide to tell you all about the keyword I was getting right and the product I was promoting :)


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