Video Cash Explosion

WOW. I have just finished going through Shannon Lueck’s Video Cash Explosion and I have to say I am impressed. If you don’t know who Shannon is then let me give you some background about her.

Shannon is a regular person, she has spent years trying to make money online and jumped from project to project and never really got anywhere, a short time ago this changed when she got a mentor and finally picked a project and worked at it until it was a success.

Now Shannon has taken this project and made some great money from it, more per month than many people working a full time job, and she puts in a few hours per month. This is the dream many budding internet marketers aim for… But Shannon has achieved it…

And now, Shannon has made her process even simpler and documented it and made video’s and packaged it all together with some kick ass software and called it Video Cash Explosion.

I have reviewed many internet marketing products in the past and some are good, some are not so good.. But Video Cash Explosion really does take you from nothing to success….

So then, you want to know exactly what you get in Video Cash Explosion?

Video Cash Explosion contents Outlined:

Pre-Step 1 – gets all the newbies up and running, clear instructions on ho to get your own Domain name and Hosting.

Step 1 – This Video shows you how to pick a market and a product to promote.

Step 2 – Takes you through putting together your own video presentation, and with this step
Shannon has included the editable power point files as well as a script
that you can customize for your own presentation.

Shannon also takes you through setting your video up using Camtasia

Push Button Video CashStep 3 –
A fun step… How to use the included software program.  This is worth
the cost of the product alone!  Push Button Video Cash Software does
away with a lot of the ‘brick walls’ that Newbies hit when they are
trying to actually ‘do’ the things they need to do to get their
promotions online.  This software is like a ‘two in one’ because it has
a really great little keyword tool that will help identify the best
keyword phrases for you to target.  It doesn’t get any easier! it even comes complete with 5 templates to choose from

Step 4 – Promotion Part 1 -
Describes a simple, easy to follow free traffic system utilizing
up-to-date Web 2.0 techniques, as well as some more ‘tried and true’
methods.  The methods are all good clean methods that will see your traffic rise and rise as time goes on, nothing that will annoy google:)

Step 5 – Promotion Part 2
-This video presents another free traffic technique, and takes you
through the whole process to simplify it, and make it so anyone can do
it, again, all good clean tactics.

Step 6 - Promotion Part 3 –
The final step in the Video Cash Explosion process.  Shannon gives you another proven
promotion method and shows you how to use Article Marketing to promote
your site. Many packages that cost more than this will only teach you about this one aspect of marketing.

Now I will be HONEST with you, if you are an experienced marketer then you may not learn any ground breaking new stuff, but the software and the presentation slides are still worth the money alone. If you have your own product then Video Cash Explosion will make it easy to market your own prodcut.

Video Cash Explosion will work to market any product in any market,all you need to do is follow the steps Shannon provides you with, and you will go from total beginner to having your own money making website that gets free traffic from the search engines.:)

I am currently in the proccess of making a mind map of the whole proccess and who ever buys from my link will get a free copy of the mind map which saves you the time of having to make notes while watching the video’s and after you have watched the video’s once and understood it all, you can simply follow my mind map on its own.

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