The Golden Thread Case Study

The Golden Thread Case Study

In case you have not heard yet….”The Golden Thread” by Michael Cheney is quickly becoming the most talked about and anticipated product launches for 2008. There is no shortage of value delivery contained in the “The Golden ThreadTM”.

Well talk is cheap unless it can be backed up by hard proof. Michael Cheney realizes this and to prove that the Golden Thread is the absolute best Internet Marketing Product out there he is providing some case studies that are mind blowing.

Here is just one of many that I will be writing about over the next few weeks….

Shannon Lueck was just a regular mom trying to make money online and stay at home looking
after her two kids.

But whatever she tried wasn’t working.

But then she discovered something *remarkable* that you NEED to know about.

You see – she took a stagnant, *dead-in-the-water* web page, made ONE simple change and is now making $1041.80 per month in passive income.

She has NO list, NO affiliates, NO joint venture partners and NO product of her own.

Shannon incorporated The Golden Thread and is now earning a nice income on the side. Shannon is one of many people who are seeing amazing results from The Golden Thread. But what else is to be expected when one of the Internet’s Top Marketing Professionals and Entrepreneur is the developer?

You often hear that making money online is easy but then you discover you need a list, your own product, affiliates and tons of traffic. So *how* is this mom making $1041.80 per month with NONE of these? It is called the Golden Thread and you can see more of Shannon’s story and others at:

The Golden ThreadTM

“The Golden ThreadTM” contains everything you need start earning money. In my 10 years on the net, I have never seen such a powerhouse collaboration of tools that are easy to implement and ready to start earning money. This will be a world wide sellout!

To your Success

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The ORIGINAL Golden Thread Product over view. If you are serious about marketing on the Internet …you need to look over this product? You will be sorry you didn’t


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