Tactical Affiliate Assault Bonus?

Well, if you are reading this then I guess you have already heard about Tactical Affiliate Assault but you are either looking for a killer bonus or just some more info.

What exactly is the Tactical Affiliate Assault. If you join Tactical Affiliate Assault you will get the following

1. You will get 3 Killer software titles which are critical to your Success

2. Step by Step Instructions which when followed will allow you to earn more money from any website than you thought possible

3. Free Hosting to get you started with your first website

4. The ULTIMATE Video Training Centre. This will contain 75 videos from the start and will have 10 new video’s added every month. All the video’s are dedicated to teaching you how to make money online

5. Custom Templates. There will be 7 templates from the start and with 2 new templates added every month. These templates will be unique to Tactical Affiliate Assault clients.

6. AND if you purchase through my link I will personally send you my private email address and will work with you to make your 1st site a success…..

7. WHAT THE HELL. if you purchase through this link Tactical Affiliate Assault I will tell you all about my own product that is being created. This product will make sure nothing can stop you from being a success, my product has nothing to do with the internet or marketing but it will change your mind into an unstoppable success machine.. Ever wonder why the likes of Donald Trump can make billions lose it all and then make it again so easily???? well my new product will make it so you can make money easily as well. I cant tell you what its called as it doesnt have a name yet:)


Tactical Affiliate Assault

This Product is aimed at two hungry groups of Marketers:

1. The New Marketer- this group has an understanding of the process and just needs that push to get their game on. This plan will get them to focus on a single technique aimed at Promoting Your Products..over and over. I am going to show them how to do it effectively. You will be leveraging your time as I teach new marketers on your behalf. I’ll be teaching them how to avoid marketing pitfalls and to avoid being overwhelmed.

2. The Intermediate Marketer- This level is looking for that one system that will turn the dripping tap into a steady flow of income. With the tools and this plan they will be able to start making money in no time flat…Selling Your Products For You!

What would you do to have every little piece of the puzzle to success put into place for you.  If I told you that is about to happen would you want to be a part of it?

You are about to given a hand to put it all together. As you know I am always looking for the best value for you and you are not going to believe this…I know I didn’t.

You need to read every detail I am putting in this email because you are about to be invited to be a part of something that is unheard of.

I know you are busy, so if you want to jump ahead you can check out this 60 second video.

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This is a very unique offer and I don’t see any better way to finally put the pieces together then to be personally coached by Todd Lamb on how to do it.

But that’s not all…

You will be given access to some of the most important software available today and most importantly, the power to use it to create success.

A package like this was being sold for $2997 (and you will get some of the same software!) but I know Todd wanted to make this affordable for those who don’t have that kind of money.

I know I would have paid twice that much to jumpstart my internet marketing career and avoid the feelings of being frustrated and overwhelmed.

Todd has limited the number of spaces available but I talked him into keeping a couple of spaces for my readers.
So go watch this video and prepare yourself before it’s too late.

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The Cash Cannons Team

PS.  The video is being taken down any day. Be sure to go and view it to secure your opportunity to finally achieve success. The video is only 60 seconds but it could change your life.

Tactical Affiliate Assault