millionaire wants to coach you

Have you ever wished you could
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Well now you can because millionaire
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- How you can get coaching from him
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- How you can get your hands on this
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This system (revealed below) has been responisble
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But wait.

I know what you’re thinking…

…you’re thinking this is going to take a
lot of work right?

Well, that’s the best part;

You don’t need any experience.
you don’t need your own product.
You don’t need your own list.
And you don’t even need your own website.

You’ll discover why on the live webcam show
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( here’s the rub )

This works. Fact.

You’ll discover how Shannon Lueck, a 31-year old
mom from Montana set up just ONE web page (it took
her 27 minutes) and now she’s making $1041.80
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And she did this with NO list, NO affiliates
and NO product of her own.

How cool is that?

But it doesn’t stop there because…

You’ll also hear the story of the Matt Mazur,
the Swiss college kid, who became Cash King
when he used the system to net $20,419 in
just 27 days.

And yes – the success stories continue with…

The newbie marketer Alex who made $13,101
in just 5 days using the same system
that Michael is going to teach you.

So what is this system? It’s called The Golden
Thread and uses the psychological selling
power of videos to make people buy from you.

This works in ANY market, with ANY product
and in ANY country. Fact.



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On Wednesday, Michael is holding a LIVE webcam
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Best regards,


We need to talk. It’s serious.

Something’s been bugging me and I need
your help with it. It’s this question;

Why are we here?

I mean, really, why are we here on
the internet, reading emails, clicking
links, working online and getting
the perfect monitor-tan?

Because, of course, we love being our
own boss and making big money.

I mean, if you’re *not* making the
money you really want from all this
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If you’re not aiming to hit the big
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And if that *is* your target (which it
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Yes. Help.

I needed it. All the top earners online
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But where do you turn? It’s a minefield
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Much easier.

And although I’ve seen this coming
for a while because sooner or later..


Like the evolution of man from apes
internet marketing is also going through
its own evolution. You see;

Marketers are starting to listen to

And some marketers are listening more
than others. Let me explain..

[ here comes the science bit ]

Quick evolution of man;

Cells > Fish > Apes > Man

Quick evolution of internet marketing

How To Info > Coaching > Ready-Made Business

So it had to happen eventually that internet
marketing products would evolve to a stage
where you can now get *everything* you need
to make money fast in one tidy package;

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The dream product that a marketer could
create is one that is brain-dead simple
to use and makes a lot of money and FAST.

( even to people with NO experience )

Well that’s exactly what has happened
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Shannon the 31-year old mom from Montana
is making $1041.80 per month HANDS-FREE.

Matt the swiss college kid made $20,419
in 27 days.

Alex the new marketer made $13,101 in
5 days.

(WOAH!! BS-alert?)

These really are the sort of numbers and
results that set of the BS-ometers but…

You can take it from me – this is totally
genuine and you can see the whites of the
eyes of these people in the videos as
they share their success stories with you

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But the problem here is that this program
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Because the guy behind it (Michael Cheney)
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he’s listened.

He’s listened to what YOU want and he’s
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- You get coaching from him over a 6-week
period via live webcam

- You get 7 ready-made websites

- You get 3 ready-made products to sell
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- You get 7 professionally-created video

- You get fill in the blanks templates to
create as many of these “Cash Cannon”
websites as you want in ANY market for
ANY product

- You get all the content, keywords, phrases
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- You get a list building machine that
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- You get live and direct access to his
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I truly believe that this is the ultimate
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How to Make BIG Money Online with The Golden Thread

The Golden Thread by Michael Cheney

How to Make BIG Money Online with The Golden Thread

You Don’t Need a Product.
You Don’t Need a List.
You Don’t Even Need a Website.

“You Will Suck In Super-Fast Cash From a Standing Start And You Only Need ONE THING – It’s Called The Golden Thread…”

What is The Golden Thread?

The Golden Thread gives you your own unique angle that gets you more Prospects, makes you more money in affiliate Promotions, makes you more sales with Products and recruits more Partners and affiliates for you.


You are getting ready-made products to sell as your own and ready-made video templates that will make you money.

The personalization comes from the 6-week Training Program where you will get your own unique “Golden Thread”.

Below are some of the things included in the package:

The 4 Ready-To-Earn Cash Cannons

* Money-making video salesletter templates

* 4 separate Cash Cannons to get you more rospects, make more money with affiliate Promotions, sell more Products and recruit more Partners.

* Includes the written script, all web files, Powerpoint and video guides

* You just fill in the blanks and start making money.

2 Ready-To-Earn Products to Sell as Your Own

* TWO brand new, full video training programs (one on traffic, one on cash tactics)

* Personally created by Michael Cheney

* Totally brandable products

* All website files, professionally-designed graphics and videos included

* Include salesletters personally written by Michael

* No reference to him or his sites in these products

* Same quality and value in products he has individually made $600k+ from

Who is Michael Cheney?

Creator of The Golden Thread

Michael has been a successful online marketer for over ten years. He has made millions of dollars in several different online businesses.

He has made money by promoting other peoples products with affiliate marketing, generated over $19,000 a month with Google Adsense. As well as create his own products such as the Internet Marketing Bible, Adsense Videos, Michaels Traffic Videos and Affiliate Millions.

He makes over $19,000 per month with Google Adsense with only 10 websites. He made over $250,000 in a week with the launch of his Adsense Videos showing exactly how he does it.

What Else is Included in The Golden Thread

6-Week Online Interactive Training Program

* Module-based Program delivered via weekly recorded videos, audios, reports and mindmaps

* Weekly live Q & A via webcam

* You develop your own Golden Thread that makes you unique and dramatically increases you profit in these areas; Prospects, Promotions, Products, Partners

* Massive overdeliver on value: audios and transcripts of everything, masses of video training and guidance plus regular live webcam shows

The Golden Thread Killer Case Studies

These guys have all made serious cash using The Golden Thread techniques that Michael Cheney taught them;

* The Work At Home Mom – $379 Per Month on Autopilot in Non-IM Niche

* The Army Recruit Hitting The Money Target – $33,800 In Just A Few Days

* The Marketer With No Name – $6978 in 7 Days

* The College Kid – Killer Cash in a Non-IM Niche

* The Schoolkid Making More Money Than His Teachers – $18,076 In Less Than 3 Days

* The Time Machine – how Michael has made over $2 million in the past 3 years

* The Euro Star – Big Numbers In Weird Ass, Non-IM Niche

More in depth killer case studies coming soon…

The Golden Thread Pre-Launch Information

Coming Soon…

* Live Streaming 24-7 Webcam With Regular Live Interactive Shows

* Proof-packed Product Samples

* Interactive and Immersive Blog

* Camcorder, Webcam and Screen Cap Videos

* Mind-blowing Mind maps and Special Reports

* Killer Case Studies and In-depth Interviews

and much more…

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Advantages Of Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing, when done correctly, can be extremely beneficial for both the affiliate and the publisher. Here are six advantages of affiliate marketing from both sides.

1. For the affiliate: Don’t need to have their own product

A lot of

A lot of people simply do not have the time, money or expertise to create their own product, so affiliate marketing is a great way to make money off other peoples hard work. This also means an affiliate doesn’t have to worry about researching the market to find what people want. Instead they only have to find which products are selling well.

2. For the affiliate: No customer support required

Anyone who has ever had their own product will tell you that customer support is one of the worst parts of running a business. Affiliates get to keep their share of the profits without ever having to worry about being in contact with the customers. All the problems are dealt with by the publishers customer support department.

3. For the affiliate: Only a small investment required

There aren’t many business models which allow you to start up with virtually no investment, but affiliate marketing can be one of them. When using free traffic the only investment is time. Of course, there are paid methods of traffic generation also, but in general becoming an affiliate marketer is a low cost business with the potential of being very profitable.

4. For the affiliate: Working from home

It’s many people’s dream to work from home and only when they feel like it. Affiliate marketing isn’t paid on an hourly rate so you can choose the hours you want to work. Some people do affiliate marketing as a hobby, others as a full time job. The beauty is it’s completely up to the individual. It is important to remember though that the more effort you put into affiliate marketing the greater the rewards in most cases.

5. For the publisher: A much greater audience will be exposed to the product

One of the main advantages for a publisher who has an affiliate program is that the affiliates have the potential to reach a much wider audience then he or she ever could on their own. This means there can be many more sales than there would have been if the publisher was the only person promoting the product, for a relatively small amount of extra effort.

6. For the publisher: Less effort needed to drive traffic

Getting traffic to a website can be a time consuming process, so to have a large amount of affiliates doing this for you is a huge advantage for any publisher. By using affiliates the publisher has to spend less time worrying about getting people to the sales page leaving more time for other areas of the business. Leveraging other people’s effort for your own business is a great way to make a lot of money.

There are many advantages of internet marketing for both the affiliate and the publisher which is why it has proven to be such a successful business model. Affiliate marketing has generated many people a healthy income, and will do so for the foreseeable future.

Who is Shanon Luek?

Shannon Leuk is the women who agreed to test The Golden Thread for Michael Cheney. She is now earning over $1000 per month extra from just one website that she put she a Cash Cannon on!!!!!

How AMAZING is that…. An extra $1000 pe rmonth, not much extra traffic but massivly improved conversions…

Plenty of people are offering you bonus items for buying The Golden Thread from their links, but no matter what software they offer you, it will go out of date pretty soon.. yea you may get a laptop from someone but it aint going to be that great and I gues you already have a PC!!!!! So.. I am going to give you something that money cant buy. My time…. If you do take a look at Michael Cheney’s Golden thread by visiting this link then drop me an email with your receipt number I will coach you persoanlly on anyhting to do with getting traffic to your sites, impementing the cash cannons or even taking it to the next level….

I already know what its like to work from home.. I get up when I want and start work when I want… I am typing this at 22:30 at night and I will go to bed when I watched a film or somehting and then get up when ever I want in the morning and stroll through to my home office…. I can teach you how to do this….

You just need to make a start by visiting this link