millionaire wants to coach you

Have you ever wished you could
just corner a guru for 60 minutes
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You know – ask them all the questions
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in their footsteps?

Well now you can because millionaire
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you into his home via his live webcam
show where you’ll discover;

- How he went from drink, drugs
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- How you can get coaching from him
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- How you can get your hands on this
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This system (revealed below) has been responisble
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But wait.

I know what you’re thinking…

…you’re thinking this is going to take a
lot of work right?

Well, that’s the best part;

You don’t need any experience.
you don’t need your own product.
You don’t need your own list.
And you don’t even need your own website.

You’ll discover why on the live webcam show
with Michael. ;-)

( here’s the rub )

This works. Fact.

You’ll discover how Shannon Lueck, a 31-year old
mom from Montana set up just ONE web page (it took
her 27 minutes) and now she’s making $1041.80
per month from that page. Hands-free.

And she did this with NO list, NO affiliates
and NO product of her own.

How cool is that?

But it doesn’t stop there because…

You’ll also hear the story of the Matt Mazur,
the Swiss college kid, who became Cash King
when he used the system to net $20,419 in
just 27 days.

And yes – the success stories continue with…

The newbie marketer Alex who made $13,101
in just 5 days using the same system
that Michael is going to teach you.

So what is this system? It’s called The Golden
Thread and uses the psychological selling
power of videos to make people buy from you.

This works in ANY market, with ANY product
and in ANY country. Fact.



This Will Only Happen One Time
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the problem is that there’s already so much
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you get hear so please don’t hate on me if
that happens.

Instead, move fast because..


On Wednesday, Michael is holding a LIVE webcam
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Best regards,


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