We need to talk. It’s serious.

Something’s been bugging me and I need
your help with it. It’s this question;

Why are we here?

I mean, really, why are we here on
the internet, reading emails, clicking
links, working online and getting
the perfect monitor-tan?

Because, of course, we love being our
own boss and making big money.

I mean, if you’re *not* making the
money you really want from all this
then honestly..


If you’re not aiming to hit the big
money goal as quickly and easily
as possible then you’re in the wrong

And if that *is* your target (which it
should be) then you’re going to need
some help.

Yes. Help.

I needed it. All the top earners online
needed it and YOU need it.

But where do you turn? It’s a minefield
out there but things just got easier
for you.

Much easier.

And although I’ve seen this coming
for a while because sooner or later..


Like the evolution of man from apes
internet marketing is also going through
its own evolution. You see;

Marketers are starting to listen to

And some marketers are listening more
than others. Let me explain..

[ here comes the science bit ]

Quick evolution of man;

Cells > Fish > Apes > Man

Quick evolution of internet marketing

How To Info > Coaching > Ready-Made Business

So it had to happen eventually that internet
marketing products would evolve to a stage
where you can now get *everything* you need
to make money fast in one tidy package;

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The dream product that a marketer could
create is one that is brain-dead simple
to use and makes a lot of money and FAST.

( even to people with NO experience )

Well that’s exactly what has happened
here with this program;

Shannon the 31-year old mom from Montana
is making $1041.80 per month HANDS-FREE.

Matt the swiss college kid made $20,419
in 27 days.

Alex the new marketer made $13,101 in
5 days.

(WOAH!! BS-alert?)

These really are the sort of numbers and
results that set of the BS-ometers but…

You can take it from me – this is totally
genuine and you can see the whites of the
eyes of these people in the videos as
they share their success stories with you

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But the problem here is that this program
is so *complete* that it totally raises the
bar for all other marketers.

Because the guy behind it (Michael Cheney)
has done what all smart marketers do -
he’s listened.

He’s listened to what YOU want and he’s
giving you every single thing you want
and need;

- You get coaching from him over a 6-week
period via live webcam

- You get 7 ready-made websites

- You get 3 ready-made products to sell
as your own

- You get 7 professionally-created video

- You get fill in the blanks templates to
create as many of these “Cash Cannon”
websites as you want in ANY market for
ANY product

- You get all the content, keywords, phrases
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- You get a list building machine that
builds your list for you (comes with
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53 days of follow-up money making messages
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- You get live and direct access to his
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- You get a free domain name

- You get 90 days free website hosting

I truly believe that this is the ultimate
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Yes. 16,389 have been eagerly awaiting the
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They are all rushing through to try and get
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Best regards,

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Hi, I am here to help you FIRE CASH INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT