Injured Pilot makes $13,500 from Hospital Bed

Lots of people wonder how to use story lines in videos
to sell stuff – so we got our hands on this video that explains
it all.

It’s an interview with Marketing Guru, Frank Kern and
Jeff  “Herschy” Schwerdt  who is a master at Video Marketing
stuff and a former F-16 instructor pilot.

See the Interview

This video is 15 minutes long and Herschy was kind enough to 
post several more videos on his blog and agree to pass on another 
18 minutes of video training and a checklist… yours for the taking.

When you do, you’ll get a a chance to see even more videos and a 
step-by-step checklist you can use for your business, no cost.

These goodies come from the guys at Quick Video Marketing.

Watch The Video Here:

And yes, the fre.e stuff is great… but you should see the product!

Go check ‘em out.

Again, here’s the link:


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