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What if I told you that Michale Cheney is clever enough to know that the reason most people fail online is that they simply DONT TAKE ACTION?

So, when you read my CASH CANNONS REVIEW please remember one thing.. Because of the lack of action, Michael will actually email everyone a daily job list.. This will remind you where you are in the course, and what action steps you need to take on that day….

So for once you are not on your own when you buy Cash Cannons, You will have live webinar’s you can attend to ask any questions you need.. AND you will have daily support by email…. I have been there.. you buy a course, read it.. start to take action and then life takes over and we forget for a couple of days… then before you know it you are overwhelmed and its even harder to take any action at all..

Well, with these daily emails that will not happen… You will not be able to forget where you are in the course at all and what you should be doing…


cash Cannons Review

millionaire wants to coach you

Have you ever wished you could
just corner a guru for 60 minutes
and pick their brains?

You know – ask them all the questions
you’ve always wanted to ask about how
they’ve made their millions online
and how you can follow
in their footsteps?

Well now you can because millionaire
marketer Michael Cheney is inviting
you into his home via his live webcam
show where you’ll discover;

- How he went from drink, drugs
and debts to millionaire status
in 3 years

- How you can get coaching from him
to make massive passive income online
using the exact same system

- How you can get your hands on this
revolutionary money generating system
that is turning ordinary folks into
overnight cash sensations

This system (revealed below) has been responisble
for making Michael more than three million dollars
and now he’s starting to coach other people how
to use it too.

But wait.

I know what you’re thinking…

…you’re thinking this is going to take a
lot of work right?

Well, that’s the best part;

You don’t need any experience.
you don’t need your own product.
You don’t need your own list.
And you don’t even need your own website.

You’ll discover why on the live webcam show
with Michael. ;-)

( here’s the rub )

This works. Fact.

You’ll discover how Shannon Lueck, a 31-year old
mom from Montana set up just ONE web page (it took
her 27 minutes) and now she’s making $1041.80
per month from that page. Hands-free.

And she did this with NO list, NO affiliates
and NO product of her own.

How cool is that?

But it doesn’t stop there because…

You’ll also hear the story of the Matt Mazur,
the Swiss college kid, who became Cash King
when he used the system to net $20,419 in
just 27 days.

And yes – the success stories continue with…

The newbie marketer Alex who made $13,101
in just 5 days using the same system
that Michael is going to teach you.

So what is this system? It’s called The Golden
Thread and uses the psychological selling
power of videos to make people buy from you.

This works in ANY market, with ANY product
and in ANY country. Fact.



This Will Only Happen One Time
———————————–And it’s only going to happen ONCE
so you have to be there when it does otherwise
you are going to miss out. Big time.[ BUT ]

the problem is that there’s already so much
demand from people wanting to get access to
this system that I’m afraid to even tell you
about it in case it’s sold out by the time
you get hear so please don’t hate on me if
that happens.

Instead, move fast because..


On Wednesday, Michael is holding a LIVE webcam
show where you’ll discover what he’s got planned
for you and how can become one of the chosen
few people to get accepted into this money
generating system and get up and running with
it fast with his personal coaching.

Now, because the coaching program actually starts
in a few days time this is your LAST CHANCE
to get in before the door slams shut;

Cash Cannons Ahoy

You’ve got one shot at this to get your hands
on this life-changing program and the only
way it’s going to happen for you is if you
get onto this Live webcam show.

You must be on the live show to be accepted
for this program so..

You need to get yourself registered there
right away because I know that a lot of people
are going to be scrambling to get their hands on
one of the last few spots left.

Go here now to register:


Enjoy the live webcam show on Wednesday!

Best regards,

What exactly do you get with Cash Cannons

Well this is a MASSIVE package, you get 3 ready made websites complete with cash cannons that promote 3 different products, these alone can easily pay for the price of the package,

You also get a FANTASTIC website that will get people to sign up to your email list (every one who makes serious money on the internet has a mailing list)… and even better is that you also get all the follow up emails to send to your list (you literally have to do nothing yourself) .

You then get all the tools and info you need to create your own cashcannons about whatever products you like.

Then you get something totally amazing… you get to chat live via webcam with Michael Cheney on his training sessions, you get to ask him questions and get answers… How often have you read a book or bought a product and been left with questions or problems you cant solve?? THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN with this, you join his live coaching session and ask him the questions. This guy is a multi millionaire and you get to pick his brains and talk to him, the sessions a re all recorded and you can then download them and a transcript of the session to keep to look back on if you need.

You can have the best website in the world, but if no one knows about it then people will not come, traffic is the life blood of any website… so guess what….. Michael will personally teach you how to get traffic… Its thats easy.

You buy this package, you buy a domain name and upload whichever site you wish (dont know how to upload a website, not a problem, part of this Golden Thread package along with all the cash cannons are full instructional video’s on how to buy domain, upload websites etc) and then just follow Michael Cheney’s instructions and wait for the cash to come in.

Michael is a multi Millionaire and he knows what he is talking about, and he is going to teach you. If you have never heard of Michael Cheney then simply google his name, he has been on CNN as an expert in website and website traffic, he has spoken at Internet conferences around the world and is amongst the top group of people who earn a hell of a good living from the comfort of his own home buy selling products on the internet.

Dont believe me, well I have already made $4000 from Michael Cheney and his Golden Thread Cash cannons, and i know there is more to come…

I have been playing on the internet for years, wasting time with one venture after another and to be honest my wife was sick to death of hearing me go on about it. so the look on her face was TOTALLY PRICELESS when I asked to look at my earnings screen and it was at just over $4000….. Funnily enough now she wants to talk and get involved:)

Please do yourself a favour and check this out


We need to talk. It’s serious.

Something’s been bugging me and I need
your help with it. It’s this question;

Why are we here?

I mean, really, why are we here on
the internet, reading emails, clicking
links, working online and getting
the perfect monitor-tan?

Because, of course, we love being our
own boss and making big money.

I mean, if you’re *not* making the
money you really want from all this
then honestly..


If you’re not aiming to hit the big
money goal as quickly and easily
as possible then you’re in the wrong

And if that *is* your target (which it
should be) then you’re going to need
some help.

Yes. Help.

I needed it. All the top earners online
needed it and YOU need it.

But where do you turn? It’s a minefield
out there but things just got easier
for you.

Much easier.

And although I’ve seen this coming
for a while because sooner or later..


Like the evolution of man from apes
internet marketing is also going through
its own evolution. You see;

Marketers are starting to listen to

And some marketers are listening more
than others. Let me explain..

[ here comes the science bit ]

Quick evolution of man;

Cells > Fish > Apes > Man

Quick evolution of internet marketing

How To Info > Coaching > Ready-Made Business

So it had to happen eventually that internet
marketing products would evolve to a stage
where you can now get *everything* you need
to make money fast in one tidy package;

Check ME OUT


The dream product that a marketer could
create is one that is brain-dead simple
to use and makes a lot of money and FAST.

( even to people with NO experience )

Well that’s exactly what has happened
here with this program;

Shannon the 31-year old mom from Montana
is making $1041.80 per month HANDS-FREE.

Matt the swiss college kid made $20,419
in 27 days.

Alex the new marketer made $13,101 in
5 days.

(WOAH!! BS-alert?)

These really are the sort of numbers and
results that set of the BS-ometers but…

You can take it from me – this is totally
genuine and you can see the whites of the
eyes of these people in the videos as
they share their success stories with you

Check me OUT


But the problem here is that this program
is so *complete* that it totally raises the
bar for all other marketers.

Because the guy behind it (Michael Cheney)
has done what all smart marketers do -
he’s listened.

He’s listened to what YOU want and he’s
giving you every single thing you want
and need;

- You get coaching from him over a 6-week
period via live webcam

- You get 7 ready-made websites

- You get 3 ready-made products to sell
as your own

- You get 7 professionally-created video

- You get fill in the blanks templates to
create as many of these “Cash Cannon”
websites as you want in ANY market for
ANY product

- You get all the content, keywords, phrases
and ads already created for you

- You get a list building machine that
builds your list for you (comes with
freebies ready made to entice people and
53 days of follow-up money making messages
already written)

- You get live and direct access to his
expert training guys 24/7

- You get a free domain name

- You get 90 days free website hosting

I truly believe that this is the ultimate
*easy* program for seeing GOOD money coming
into your bank account.


Yes. 16,389 have been eagerly awaiting the
release of this program since Michael
announced it to the world a week ago.

They are all rushing through to try and get
their spot on this LIMITED program *right now*
and you need to join them;

Check Me OUT

Seriously, you *must* be part of this -
the internet marketing industry is changing
and you can be at the head of this
revolution BUT only if you are quick.

Best regards,

PS – You’re getting everything done for
you, all the sites, ready-made products,
expert live coaching plus all the content
created for you. Yes, I know – it’s ridiculous
but only a handful of people will get in;

Check ME OUT

PPS – Even if you have no intention of
buying this (though you really should) it’s
your duty to see what’s on offer here
because it’s already sending shock waves
through the internet marketing industry;


The Time is Getting Near

The Time is Getting Near!!!!

Every day that passes us by brings us a day closer to the release of the now famous Cash Cannons that will fire money into your bank account….

Let me warn you now.. This is not cheap stuff.  But you get what you pay for. How many $50 ebooks have you bought yet you are stil lhere looking for answers..

Let this be the last ever product you need to buy in order to make money online.

If you buy from me then I will be there every step of the way to help you implement the cash cannons and get up and running… That beats a free basic model laptop any day of the week. You can have your very own mentor simply by clicking on this link