Cash Cannons Review

Right then.. Lets cut the crap and tell you what you get when you buy Cash Cannons… You get the following

1. Cash Cannons Manual.This is a massive 74 page book that will teach you everything you need. All the insider secrets and cash getting strategies of a multi millionaire video marketer.
I have read this book myself, and although I already do video marketing, I have learnt alot from this book

2. Over 2 Hours of pure audio just for people who dont have time to sit and read a manual or watch a video… Just wack it on your phone or mp3 player and listen to it when your at the gym or on the train.

3. 17 Video Modules so you can watch and learn and see the results for yourself. What better way to learn how to create kick ass videos than to watch the videos being made

4. 17 Checklists.. These checklists will ensure that as for follow the course and implement the information you wont ever miss any single step at all. There is nothing worse than watching a new course and then forgetting bits of it.. These Checklists will ensure you never miss a single bit of the workflow

5. Cash Cannons Classified. This is the VITAL component that is missing from every other course… In this section Michael Cheney will walk you through one of his proven money making video’s so you can see a video that has made hundreds of thousands of dollars.. You can then reverse engineer this video and copy the EXACT same strategies… You can buy other courses BUT I promise you now… NO ONE ELSE GIVES YOU THEIR MONEY MAKERS TO COPY.

6. Video Scripts that made a FORTUNE. These will help you create your own video scripts and teach you all the hooks you need to reel the customers in to your offers. No matter how good you are at creating video’s, you need to be able to sell to your viewers. The scripts will show you what already works, all you need to do is change a few bits and make them relevant to your viewers and you cant fail

7. A 30 day Money Back Guarantee

cash cannons review

cash cannons review

I already make my living from the Internet, I work from home and I work the hours to suit me… Its not a 2hr a week job though.. I still put in about 30hrs a week creating new video’s to promote new products… BUT with cash cannons under my belt I will now produce more video’s and get better results with the video’s I create… Since I followed this course I have seen my income increase by 28.5%.. Imagine what it can do for someone who doesnt already do video marketing for a living???

What type of products can you sell with Cash Cannons

I personally sell a whole raft of amazon products, from TV’s, bluray players, DJ equipment, Jewelerry and health products..This all tends to be new equipment, so when a new TV is released I make cash cannons about them all and put them on youtube and make a damm good wage from them.. Obviously these die out after 6-12 months as newer models are released so  I also sell health releated products from MoreNiche and this actually earns me more long term income but they do take more work.

One example is a new soundbar being released this week.. I have already made 3 cash cannons about it and got them ranked….

If you buy cash cannons through this link CASH CANNONS I will after the refund period show you my best youtube video’s and let you see how I do things myself :)

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