Cash Cannons

Welcome to  Here you will find out all Michael Cheney and his latest product called Cash Cannons and how this has helped Michael make millions of dollars over the last few years and why is now revealing his secrets.

I was first introduced to Michael 4 years ago when he released a product called “The Golden Thread”. This product taught me how to create simple little video’s to promote products (at the time I mainly concentrated on Amazon Sales) and with these video’s I made my first ever online income..

Now it turns out I lived pretty close to Michael at the time and I got to know him personally and he became my mentor and taught me so much more.. Because of what I learnt from Michael I now work from home full time.. I take my daughter to school in the morning, collect her from school.. I have free time to attend school plays, sports days and everything else I want to do.. School holidays are a pleasure as we get to be out and about enjoying life without having to worry about money and time constraints….

So, why I am telling you all this??

Simply because Michael then decided to take all the knowledge he had given me, wrap it up with things I have learnt myself and release a BRAND NEW PRODUCT called CASH CANNONS

If you want to learn more about Cash Cannons please read my Cash Cannons Review or you can jump right in by clicking the image below








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